RNT TOP 5: #4 RNT 59

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IFL this week we go back in time nearly 130 shows ago with an absolute diamond from the vault! Join El Raven as we revisit RnT 59, a day when El Raven was a bit unhappy with a certain owner from Gotham. With several classic appearances by a pair of IFL GM’s, this one is beyond worthy of the top 5 RNT of all time! With maybe the greatest closing sequence of ever, this is a can’t miss trip down memory lane. Grab a beer and lets revisit this dirty bird studios classic!


Run Time: 53:43


by Ace IFL Reporter El Raven

Much like the 2023 NFL version of Lamar Jackson who played out the final year of his contract and ended up on the franchise tag, the 2024 IFL version is on the final year of his contract and questions about his future in Baltimore are up in the air.

There may not be a player in the IFL more synonymous with their franchise than Jackson. Drafted in 2018 with the 2.15, Jackson played sparingly in his rookie season. But before the 2019 season began, GM El Raven threw his full support behind the young quarterback when he traded then presumed starter Aaron Rodgers to Kansas City and brought in a clear #2 in Jimmy Garoppolo. The gamble paid off in the biggest way as the Ravens would win the 2019 Championship behind eventual IFL, NFL, and Superbowl MVP Jackson.

So why hasn’t a player with a 2nd NFL MVP added to his resume been locked up?


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IFL, the Decade of Destruction, Dirty Bird Studios, and El Raven are back with a signature rant just for Kylie! El Raven gently discusses the failure of his 5 most disappointing IFL GM FA’s! Are you on the list? You should be! Crack a beer and speed drink, this one is wall to wall fire!


Run Time: 12:06


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IFL, the Decade of Destruction knows no boundaries! It only knows…PAIN! This week we celebrate the 75th episode of RTV! It feels like only yesterday RnT 100 sent us into the cosmos, and then…RTV arose! Well this week you fucks it is an AMAZING show that features two AMAZING guests in a rare trilogy conclusion! STFU! Grab a beer and go have fun!


Run Time: 43:19


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IFL, the Decade of Destruction rolls on! This week we have 2 very special guests and a segment that’s been away for a couple years! Have fun!


Step right up, step right up to episode 99 of Clown Town. This trip to the big top is a throwback to the :nfl: playoffs and a Clown Town watch party for the ill-fated :gbay: matchup with the :49ers: to go to Super Bowl LVIII. :bigtopbarry: has what can only be described as a chesty cough for this special episode, so make sure you ramp up the playback speed to 1.5x. In this tragic episode, there are :clown: tears, :ifl: conspiracy theories and some internal monologues from the :ifl: Packers GM (as scary as that may sound). New England :ne: Mark comes along for the ride as :bigtopbarry: comes close to breaking point with a surprise special guest :suspense: crashing the party right at the end. So sad, so sad, it’s a sad sad situation :sob:

Run Time: 24:01


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IFL, EL Raven and Dirty Bird Studios are back for the 8th straight week and this one, was not planned! Originally next weeks episode was set to air this week, but then Vic and several others had to go and PISS ME OFF! So strap in, lock and load, and prepare for the 2nd rant of the year as napalm comes to claim the many!


Run Time: 25:39



IFL, Phase Two of the Decade of Destruction rolls on tomorrow with RTV 72! Last week was a bit of a marathon, so you get the shortest show of the year to give your ears and liver a small reprieve! A classic segment that hasn’t aired in over 2 seasons will tell the story of one man with a mission! Don’t miss it!

Never fear, because your drink breaks will be in full effect when RTV 73 “Incinerator” an unplanned episode hits the air waves a week from tomorrow!

Then, two weeks from tomorrow, another classic segment returns after a 2 year lay off! And ho ho holy shit IFL, it proves the ally bond between the Land of the Free, and the Land of the Tea!


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IFL, El Raven is back for the 6th straight week dropping mandatory watching right before the RFA/FT-Brock Purdy tags!!!! Prepare your ass for not one, but TWO lists! Its been a long work week, grab a beer, sit down, and let the Decade of Destruction roll on!!!


Run Time: 68:48

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