Sass & Class Season 4 Episode 9

When one baby enters Jacksonville Nate’s life, another must go! That is exactly what happened this week with Nate as he welcomed was wonderful new baby daughter into the world! We tackle new life, while jettisoning CMC off to his EG buddy cross country! The IFL landscape completely shifted with 18(!!!) 1st round picks changing hands. (Many, many more 2nds and 3rd to boot) We break down every significant trade over the last week and of course, highlight many of the pivotal points of the week 4 doubleheaders in this Sass & Class!

Marquee Matchup 2023 Week 3: TB v SF, Flying Spaghetti Monster vs Raptor Jesus

Behold the battle for the galaxy is upon us!

On one side, we have the Meatball Maven, the Tortellini Titan, the Spaghetti Supreme, the Noodly Divine, the Fusilli Fiend, and the Gnocchi God… the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!


and on the other, it’s the Paleolithic Preacher, the Prehistoric Paragon, the Dino Deity, the Jurassic Messiah, and the Cretaceous Christ… Raptor Jesus!!!


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IFL! Join El Raven for an IFL Tradition: Rippin & Fuckin Tearin 104! This is the show where the unrelenting ear assaults’ began! You know an RnT brings a little something extra, well this time is no different! That’s all the intel you are gonna get! Grab a beer, fire this mfer up, and lets open the new season the only way we know how: DRINK BREAK!

Run Time: 39:58

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